Smart Ways of Preventing Childhood Obesity

What Causes Childhood Obesity?

Childhood obesity has become prevalent in developed countries. One fourth of the children in the US are overweight, and 11% are obese. There is evidence that excessive sugar intake, larger portion size, and the decline in outdoor and physical activity play key roles contributing to the rising rates of obesity worldwide. Hence, both over-consumption of calories and reduced physical activity are factors in childhood obesity.

What is the best way to cure childhood obesity?

Prevention is the best cure for childhood obesity. Obesity can be control through many strategic interventions which include creating the right environment, imbibing physical exercise, and diet. Most of these strategies can be started at home while some can happen at school as children spend much time at school. After-school care services can play a significant role in influencing the diet and physical activity for children at an early age. The faster the plan is initiated, the better for today’s generation.

What are the causes of childhood obesity?

Although the exact factors supporting childhood obesity are not entirely understood, it is a proven fact that obesity may occur when the energy intake exceeds the energy spent by children. Genetic factors also play a role in childhood obesity, but it is not the only factor to looked when trying to determine what causes obesity in children. Different outside factors like environmental factors, lifestyle preferences, and cultural conditions are also reasons for the rise in childhood obesity. The following are being considered as factors as well:

Behavioral and social factors

1. Diet: improper regulation of Calorie intake can be a factor as children consume foods of high calories but do not spend it in activities.

2. Fat Intake: Studies show that the fat intake has decreased in some parts while increased in some areas of the country. However, children have a robust system that burns fat efficiently. Hence it cannot be an isolating factor.

3. Other dietary factors: Soft drink intake by children has increased during the past decades and has been a significant cause of the of obesity and type II diabetes. However, no conclusive studies have been published as of now.

4. Physical Activity: Numerous studies have shown that nonphysical activities like watching TV and playing video games have contributed much to an obese population. Parents often encouraged their children to watch television and spend more time inside the home so that they can complete their work and babysit at the same time. Many children have recorded low participation rates in sports and physical education which has added to their chances to become obese.

What are the ways to prevent childhood Obesity?

Having a neighborhood that has a big and safe place to play sports as well as a school which encourages physical activities as a part of school work is the first step to getting children out in the open. A home where physical activity is considered necessary, and the right diet is encouraged will decrease the chances of a child becoming obese drastically. Less time in front of the television and family dinners at the table instead of the TV will be helpful as advertisers are targeting this age group influencing their eating habits to a great extent.

Obesity is a disorder that has multiple causes including depression and the physical and mental health of obese children. Cardio and digestive diseases in adulthood are common in obese children. Over-consumption of calories and reduced physical activity is believed to be the main factors in the occurrence of childhood obesity.


Are You Sure Wanna Obesity Surgery? Read This

In order to lose weight, you need to make some serious changes to your lifestyle. Excess weight is a risk in itself. It is known to be a major cause of diabetes, stroke, heart diseases and some types of cancers. Obesity can severely damage a person’s quality of life and in the long term cause depression too. Drastic improvements in food habits and regular exercise are the key to a healthy life and weight. However, in some cases, this does not help. This is exactly where medical interventions such as weight loss surgery can help. These surgeries ensure that the food intake is reduced and the person feels full sooner.

Well, just like any other surgery, obesity surgery has its own risks. Since the weight loss is not gradual, it has greater risks.

Here are some of the risks involved in obesity surgery

Complications immediately after surgery

Complications can occur immediately after the surgery or even during surgery. Infection is one of the most common complications. It affects one in twenty people that undergo this surgery. Blood clots appearing in the legs or lungs are another known complication. This affects one in a hundred people. Lastly, there could be bleeding. This affects one in a hundred people.

Excess skin

This surgery removes the excess fat from the body. But however, with the removal of the excess fat, the skin sags and is not as tight or firm as it used to be. This means that after the surgery, you will be left with excess folds of skin especially on the tummy, hips and limbs. Cosmetic surgery is used to remove this excess skin and make your obesity surgery worth it.


Typically ten months after the surgery, around 1 in 12 people develop gall stones. These stones are made of cholesterol and form in the gall bladder. There are no notable symptoms that indicate the formation of gallstones. They become trapped in a duct and cause irritation and inflammation in the bladder.

Psychological effects

There are a number of psychological effects of rapid weight loss. The very first is the feeling of extreme happiness! The improvements in your overall appearance are very appealing and it puts you on the top of the world. Many of the health related issues are sorted out and you feel at ease due to drastic improvement in your quality of life too.

It’s important to note that it could take months for patients to resume their daily activities and would be required to be on a liquid diet following the surgery. Solid food will be introduced slowly a per the doctor’s recommendation.

Overall, weight loss is essential for health and happiness, but surgery will only be considered for those who have tried all other means such as exercise, diet control and medications. Surgical interventions are always considered as the final option. You should discuss all your non-surgical treatment options before you decide. The potential benefits of this surgery greatly outweigh the risks depending on the overall health and lifestyle of the patient.



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Relation Between Potatoes and Weight Loss

How long have potatoes been a staple of nearly every country in the developed world? Well I don’t know either, but I do know that during the Irish Potato Famine (1845-1852) also known as Gorta Mór or the Great Hunger approximately 1 million people died and a million more emigrated from Ireland to escape the famine which had devastated the Irish economy.

The humble spud has become an important component of most dinner tables, but is it really all that healthy?

Potatoes are very high in long carbohydrates and starches. Eventually every single digestible starch is eventually broken down into simple sugars in the body. The sugar is then assimilated into the blood, raising the blood glucose levels. And this in turn increases the secretion and production of insulin, which is our fat storing hormone.

Insulin is secreted in the pancreas in large amounts. It prevents fat burning and stores numerous nutrients in fat cells. After some time, this may bring about an apparent deficiency of supplements in the blood, and this brings about building up of hunger, and a yearning for something sweet. At this point people eat again, and the process will starts all over again, therefore, this vicious cycle brings about weight gain.

Then again, a low consumption of carbs gives you a lower, steadier blood glucose, and reduces the amounts of insulin produced by the pancreas. This triggers the release of fat from your fat stores and also increases fat burning. This naturally brings about fat loss, particularly around the belly in abdominally obese people.

Unfortunately, what we all need to face up to, is the fact is that we live in a nation of growing obesity. Statistics indicate that obesity has doubled since 1980. The latest figures from the CDC show that more than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese. Obesity has been cited as a contributing factor to between 100,000-400,000 deaths in the United States per year costing society an estimated $117 billion in direct costs, and accounts for 6% to 12% of national health care expenditures in the United States.

Currently our fitness level is estimated using a calculation known as BMI (Body/Mass Index) BMI is defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height, and is universally expressed in units of kg/m2, resulting from mass in kilograms and height in metres.

Of, late there has been some discussion within the medical fraternity around the accuracy of the BMI test. Given the fact that we all carry different amounts of muscle and fat, and they both have different densities and weight the measurement must logically become inaccurate.

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